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AMVETS Charities

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4647 Forbes Boulevard
Lanham,  MD 20706
Phone: 800-810-7148

A nationwide leader and champion for American veterans, AMVETS facilitates access to resources veterans need to live healthy lives, obtain full and timely benefits, achieve economic self-sufficiency, and enjoy a quality of life after serving in uniform.

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Real Life Story

AMVETS National Service Office diligently represented me and assisted me with my disability claim through the VA. You were tireless in your efforts. My appreciation for your tireless work over the past few months cannot be stated in words. I am proud to support an organization whose interest lies only with the Veteran.

~Jennifer J. Matza

You are to be commended on having a National Service Officer who speaks for and has the Veterans' best interest ever-present in his mind and works in assisting them in their endeavor to obtain compensation for military service-related disabilities.

~John W. Johnson

Thank you again for your patience and help. It is awesome knowing there are people like yourself going the extra mile for Veterans. I am very fortunate to have had AMVETS' help.

~Robert Miller

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