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National Military Family Association

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3601 Eisenhower Avenue
Suite 425
Alexandria,  VA 22304
Phone: 703-931-6632

Our Association strengthens military families facing frequent moves, deployments, wartime stress, injury, and loss through uplifting programs designed to encourage healing, reduce challenges, and overcome obstacles together.

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Real Life Story

Our Operation Purple program helps military children and families through the stress of deployment and reintegration. At our free summer camps, children facing the deployment of a parent can escape from anxiety, learn valuable coping skills, and meet other military kids who understand what they're feeling. One child who experienced this firsthand is Taylor, who attended Operation Purple camp in 2011. Like many military kids, Taylor moved often in his young life, attending eight different schools. Always the new kid, Taylor found it hard to connect with others who could understand what life was like as a military kid whose dad was often far from home. For him, Operation Purple camp was life-changing. A week of fun, adventure, new friends and new experiences turned Taylor, in his mom's words, into "an inspired 16-year-old. Inspired to set goals, spread his wings, and to want to be a camp counselor as well." She added, "His excitement and newfound energy brought tears to my eyes."

Our Military Spouse Scholarship program also inspires military families. Our scholarships help military spouses complete their educations and pursue rewarding careers. One spouse who benefited from our program is Avonne, an Army spouse and Air Force reservist. While she was deployed to Iraq, she saw the "hospital where injured or wounded soldiers came prior to being transferred back to the US. After touring this facility and seeing the devastation of war and the injuries to Soldiers and Airmen, I decided to change my career path." With help from our scholarship program, she is pursuing a degree in nursing with "hopes of one day being in a combat zone again, serving in a medical capacity."

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