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Comfort for America's Uniformed Services

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4102 Wilson Blvd, #110-284
Arlington,  VA 22203
Phone: 703-591-4965

The war is NEVER over for wounded, ill and injured warriors and their families. CAUSE provides direct recreation, relaxation and resilience services during treatment and recovery.

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Real Life Story

The below excerpt is from a letter written COL in the Army who suffered from a combat injury received in Iraq and received Reiki treatments through Cause's Massage and Reiki Program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. "My worst injury included a combat related fracture of the Thoracic Spine that required several surgeries. To my dismay, the surgery left me with a painful and complicated disorder that has been difficult to get a handle on. At times, I was so frustrated that I lost weight and was deeply depressed over my health and inability to function.I have exhausted many conventional and not so conventional modalities in the past 1.5 years since my surgical interventions. I have even tried Combat Acupuncture, Physical Medicine's injections, TENS units, Physical therapy and just about all that can be offered. Then came Reiki, a form of bio-energy therapy, that has reduced my pain levels and stress and improved my emotional state. After my first session, I couldn't believe how much my pain was reduced and I asked her, "What did you do with my pain?" I went back to my room, relaxed and slept like I have not in years. The same level of pain management followed each time that I had another session. I have continued to feel pain and stress reduction from the Reiki sessions which have supported my thoughts on the importance of the Reiki therapy and in effect doing sort of a small study, not just the effect of one individual. At times, I had pain on the scale of 8/10 before my session and left with a 1/10. This relief was astonishing and repeated itself over and over."

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