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Soldiers' Angels

(aka) Soldiers Angels

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2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107
San Antonio,  TX 78218
Phone: 210-629-0020

Aid for deployed/returning service members, wounded heroes, and military families, VA assistance for veterans. Organizing events supporting homeless/low income vets; providing support in VA hospitals; comforting with care packages and food assistance.

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Success Story

Dave James and Soldiers' Angels

Dave James' excelled among the best in the Marine Corps and became a Force Reconnaissance Marine NCO with a reputation among his subordinates and peers for being a tough as hell Marine. After more than a decade of service and with a list of achievements that would humble anyone, Dave left the Marine Corps as a result of injuries that he sustained while serving overseas.

Dave's transition from the Marine Corps was not easy, just as his future was beginning to take shape, Dave was in a terrible motorcycle accident. His right leg was almost severed off at the mid-thigh and it was a miracle that he survived, but the accident essentially left him destitute. Unemployed and homeless, he narrowly survived. Finally, he decided to reach out to his Marine friends who in turn reached out to Soldiers' Angels.

As Soldiers' Angels became aware of Dave's circumstances, the wings spread far and wide and went into action. As part of the Support A Veterans Employment (*SAVE) Program, Soldiers' Angels needed to hire help in order to keep pace with the high demands. Dave made his way to San Antonio where Soldiers' Angels helped him find suitable housing and put him back to work.

Dave's quick return to good health was commensurate with his rapidly returning self-confidence. He was recognized and appreciated for the far-reaching efficiencies that he created at Soldiers' Angels. Dave now works in Texas at one of our Nation's most reputable Trucking Companies.

He's a great American Veteran who has asked us to thank all of the folks who contributed to this happy ennding and new beginning for him- "thank everyone who is involved with Soldiers' Angels". Mike EDIT


Show Your Support for Troops and Veterans!

Will you stand up & show your support for the men and women who selflessly serve this country? It's easy to forget that our country is still at war. After nearly two decades, the war is still pulling American families apart through deployment, combat-related injuries, and death. Let's come together & show them our support!

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